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Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunt Packages

Themed Scavenger Hunts delivered to your door.

Our Scavenger Hunts include:

  • A hand-crafted wood treasure chest conveniently delivered to your doorstep 

  • Easy-to-follow instructions 

  • 20 creative clues   

  • Themed gifts for 6 youth AND adults. Including an assortment of local gifts from Outer Banks Box

Bad weather...     no problem

* Additional youth participants can be added at checkout

TWO THEMES:    Scallywag    or   Outrageous Ocean

GREAT FOR:  Rainy Days, Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, or for something just a little different...  

Scallywag Scavenger Hunt 


Pirates, Pirates, and more Pirates!  This is sure to get the "Mateys" saying ARRRGGGGHHH!!!

Outrageous Ocean Scavenger Hunt 

Unravel the mysteries of what lies beneath our oceans.  The crew will dive right in and be soaked with fun.  



Convenient & Educational

Frequently Asked ? ' s

  • We coordinate with you and provide direct delivery & pick-up

  • Easy-to-follow instructions & rules included

  • Amazing facts are also included and add an important educational component to each theme.  

    • Love Pirates?  Go with the Scallywag​

    • Love ocean animals?  Go with Outrageous Ocean

  • Includes 20 clues designed to work in your beach home

  • Gifts for 6 youth are themed towards pirates or ocean creatures. May include: swords, balls, money bags, stickers, squirt guns, etc. 

    • More youth participants can be added.  ​

  • Outer Banks Box is included in each box and contains local high quality gift items meant for adults.   ​

    • Outer Banks Box typically contains 4-6 quality gifts made by Outer Banks Locals, ranging from: food, snacks, photo gifts, knick-knacks, product samples, mementos, souvenirs, holiday gifts, and even some exclusive custom products!

Q:  I'm not staying in a beach house, will this still work? 

A:  Guests staying in hotels & condos have enjoyed this activity, but you just have to be a little more creative.  Please call us if you have doubts.  ​


Q:  Do we have to have the Hunt delivered at 7 AM? 

A:  NO.  You make the reservation online and we call you to establish a delivery & pick-up time.​​​​


Q:  How long do we have to complete the activity?

A:  24 Hours.​


Q:  What's the best age range for this activity?

A:  4 - 13 years old... but there are exceptions. ​​​


Q:  Is this suitable for adult groups?

A:  The clues are not particularly difficult for most adults, and the gifts are youth friendly.  So...not really.  


Q:  How long does the activity take? ​​

A:  I would set aside at least 1 hour, and hiding the clues may take an additional 30 minutes. You can make the clues difficult to find, and the length could extend.  


Q:  Should we do both scavenger hunt themes? 

A:  Probably not... the clues are hidden in the same locations, even though they are written differently.  ​​​


Q:  What do we get to keep? 

A:  Everything, EXCEPT the Treasure Chest and the Laminated Instructions/Rules/Facts​​​

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