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Great for Spring

Starry Night Live

Let our Guides come to you for a relaxing and eye-opening evening of astronomy.

Starry Night Live is a relaxing 1 hour entry-level astronomy "lesson."  Best experienced on the beach, guests are encouraged to bring out the beach chairs or plop down on their blankets for an interactive, educational and entertaining night of star gazing.  Underneath the majestic night sky, our highly trained Guides will help unlock the mysteries of the universe with interesting facts about planets and stars, fun stories about constellations and, of course, observation with the help of high powered binoculars and those crazy green laser pointers.  This experience is great for all ages and is truly "eye opening."  

  • Starry Night Live Begins @ SUNSET

  • Starry Night Live Starts @ $60 

*  includes 4 participants

  • Convenient Custom Meeting Locations


Convenient & Educational

Frequently Asked ? ' s

  • We coordinate with you to find the darkest skies in the most convenient locations.

  • Excellent for all ages.

  • Anything but boring. 

  • Our highly trained staff entertain & educate. 

  • Minimum price includes 4 participants, but more people can be easily added.    

  • Rescheduling due to weather can occur, but we work to accommodate you. 

Q:  I'm not staying in a beach house, will this still work? 

A:  Yes, we contact you & agree on the darkest and most convenient meeting location.   ​

Q:  Does it have to be on the beach? 

A:  No.  But the beach at night is beautiful and bug free.  

Q:  How long is Starry Night Live?

A:  Approximately 1 hour, but we may go over. 


Q:  What's the best age range for this activity?

A:  All ages... okay, maybe 6 and up​​​.

Q:  What should we bring?

A:  Whatever makes you feel comfortable on the beach at night:  Beach chairs, towels, blanket, flashlight, water. 

Q:  What about clouds and weather? 

A:  Weather can create low visibility.  We always work to find the clearest nights and will reschedule and refund if need be.  

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