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Crab Quests

Ghost Crab Quests

Spring Reservations OPEN

Our signature activity is one for the memory books

Ghost Crab quest is a guided nighttime beach activity focused on catching and releasing the beach’s quickest elusive nocturnal scavenger, the Ghost Crab! Enthusiastic and experienced guides will provide you with all the necessary skills and equipment to make sure you experience ghost crabs up close and personal. Driven by a passion for the natural environment, guides will help you safely catch these quick little creatures, and appreciate the important role they play in the ecosystem. Exciting for all ages, it’s an evening that’s sure to keep you on your toes. You might gain a sweat catching the little guys, but you’re guaranteed to gain buckets full of long-lasting memories.


Ghost Crab Quests Include:

  • 1 & 1/2 hours of educational crab catching action.

  • All necessary equipment (nets, buckets, flashlights)

  • Knowledgeable and Unique Guides.

  • Equipment for up to 20 participants.  

Experience Ghost Crab Quest

Experience Ghost Crab Quest

Watch Now
  • Tours are in full effect from Nags Head to Corolla.

  • Tours Start @ $15

  • Meeting Location Provided @ Checkout

Private Tour

Private Tour,  We Come to You

​Convenience is key with this option, so all we encourage is for you to have the crew and cameras ready. Be sure to have the physical address of your beach house, and a great contact phone number, ready at checkout.

  • Corolla to Nags Head - we come to you.

Central Beaches Tour

Public Tour Meeting in Nags Head

​Make new friends during this safe public tour offering in Nags Head.  

  • Best for those staying between Southern Shores and Nags Head.

  • Meeting location provided at checkout

  • ​No participant minimum

Northern Beaches Tour

Public Tour Meeting in Corolla

​Make new friends during this safe public tour offering in Corolla.  

  • Best for those staying between Duck and Corolla. 

  • Meeting location provided at checkout

  • ​No participant minimum

Special Offers with:  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you offer tours on Hatteras Island?

A:  We currently do NOT offer tours in Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton and Hatteras. 

Q:  Do you offer tours in the 4-wheel Drive area?

A: We do NOT offer tours in Corova (4-wheel drive area).  Please call us to arrange a Private Tour at the northern end of Corolla.  

Q:  What do I need to Bring?

A:  Footwear is recommended but not required.  

Cameras or smartphones with cameras are fun, but remember, we are on the beach near the water's edge.  Be CAREFUL.  Water bottles are a good idea because catching crabs can build a sweat.  Bring a towel. Although swimming is not allowed, it helps to have one to brush off sand.

Q:  Are we going to eat the Ghost Crabs?

A:  NO.  Try and have dinner or a bite to eat before hand.  Ghost Crabs are not typically eaten anywhere.  

... The crabs are ready, ARE YOU!?

Q:  Can I tip my Guide?

A:  Tips are an excellent way for you to let a Guide know they did a good job, and they certainly appreciate the little bit of extra "dough."  Tip away!

Q:  Is there a charge to watch the action?

A:  There is NO TAG-ALONG fee to watch the action.  However, experience has shown adults enjoy the activity, sometimes more than the kids.  

Q:  Don't Ghost Crabs pinch!?

A:  Ghost Crabs defend themselves with their strong claws.  However, our Guides teach you how to use the equipment provided to safely (for you and the crab) catch these fast and powerful creatures.  

 Q:  Are we going to get wet?

A:  While swimming is NOT allowed, you may get your feet wet chasing a fleeting crab.  Bring a towel.  

 Q:  Can we have more than 20 Participants?

A:  Yes, please call us and we can make it happen.  

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