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Finding Fun in Search of Nature

Coming Soon... SPRING!

In every season, we are excited to be

"Finding Fun in Search of Nature"

with you.

Experience the wonders of the night with Ghost Crab Quest.  

We are an ecotourism company based on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Amazed by the beauty of these fragile barrier islands, Ghost Crab Quest is committed to sharing and exploring its wonders day and night.  While the star of the show is the mighty Atlantic Ghost Crab (Ocypode quadrata), we offer educational activities that will introduce our guests to astronomy, bird watching, outrageous ocean creatures and pirate history.  We love what we do, and hope you join us in "Finding Fun in Search of Nature."


THANK YOU (for 4th year in a row) for
HELPING us become one of

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of attractions WORLDWIDE

Click on the "Our Quests" tab for more info or...  

Scavenger Hunt Packages Delivered Right to You

If you missed it last season, DON'T in 2023. We've hand-crafted real solid wood treasure chests, filled them with gifts from Outer Banks Box and developed a unique activity for the whole family to easily enjoy.

 Easier than a walk on the beach, our scavenger hunts include


Select from two educational themes:  

  • Easy-to-follow instructions

  • Educational clues encouraging

       teamwork & creative thinking

  • Treasures for kids !! AND !! adults

  • Delivery to your beach home

Scallywag Scavenger Hunt 


Pirates, Pirates, and more Pirates!  This is sure to get the "Mateys" saying ARRRGGGGHHH!!!

Outrageous Ocean Scavenger Hunt 

Unravel the mysteries of what lies beneath our oceans.  The crew will dive right in and be soaked with fun.  


Winter Has Arrived!

Winter on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is well... invigorating! Our coastal climate can result in pleasant evenings spent under the stars or bone chilling days spent inside.  The Ghost Crabs may be hibernating, but we still have activities like our Starry Night Live program and our popular Scavenger Hunt Packages delivered right to your door! Whatever you choose, we hope you'll be "Finding Fun in Search of Nature" with Ghost Crab Quest.

Quests Starting at $15 

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